Sunday, December 7, 2008

We made the pregnant girl do all the dishes.

We had a mock Thanksgiving on the Monday before with our friends. It was very yummy.

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Thanksgiving road Trip

Elyse wouldn't let anyone touch her at the beginning but then she warmed up.

We decided to drive to Texas for Thanksgiving. Austin's nephew was getting baptized and his mom flew in from London. It was great to see Austin's family. We thought it would be easiest to start driving 3 am so the kids would sleep most of the trip and then we stopped in Biloxi Ms for the night and would do it again the next morning. Biloxi is where Katrina hit and it was amazing to see only foundations of homes along side a lot of the coast line. We played at the beach and then went to the hotels all you can eat buffet. The kids loved the fact they could keep going back and get any dessert they wanted. This seemed to be the highlight of the trip. Once we got to Houston the kids had a great time with their cousins. It was a little tight in the hotel but what do you expect with that many people. The baptism was wonderful. Austin gave a great talk on the Holy Ghost and Austin's mom bore her testimony and it was very strong. I had started getting a fever the day before so I was really cold and not feeling well. I took Tylenol to get drive home the next couple days but the night we got home my fever hit 104 and I went into the clinic. It turns out I had fluid in my lungs and had pneumonia. It was quite the trip but I'm sure the kids will have some great memories.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Naya wore this when she was two, and Jada is only 15 months old.

The corn dog makes the costume

Posted by PicasaMy two sweet girls.

trunk or treat

Obviously no theme. Thank you Marci for my kimono.

The cutest pirate ever.

I love my creative girl. She lets me try anything. This is up for interpetation.

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween fun

Naya in the corn maze

Very good but hard to eat.
First time making carmel apples. Lots of fun
A pumpkin patch in the middle of nowhere.

idaho trip 2008